Meditate with the Music of Plants

A sound experience of the living

You may not know it, but you probably felt it: plants are musicians. By capturing their electrical activity, we are able to transform it into musical notes. It opens up a field of sensitive, emotional and philosophical experiences of exceptional intensity.


The technology that now makes audible directly the flow of energy passing through the plants allows us not only to highlight that the plant world has a beneficial influence on us, but that we are also able to subtly influence our natural environment.


Throughout my career as a disciple and teacher of yoga, I preferred to practice in natural environments in touch with vegetation and elements, following the long tradition of forest retreat practiced since time immemorial. Intuitively, I felt in this practice a source of deep understanding of the great teachings of Indian philosophy on the unity of soul that connects all sentient beings.

Then I discovered the music of the plants that appeared to me as an ideal way to make even more obvious the tremendous link that we have with nature. By using the music of the plants during meditation sessions, I have seen how much the vibration transmitted to us is a source of harmonization and rightness.


I invite you to join me at this conference to live and explore what plant music tells us about our relationship to life.

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Yoga and Music of Plants