Yoga and Music of the Plants

Listen to the music of the plants!

Why use the music of plants?

Throughout my journey as a disciple and yoga teacher, I have privileged to practice in natural environments in touch with vegetation and elements, following the long tradition of forest retreat practiced since time immemorial. Intuitively, I felt in this practice a source of deep understanding of the great teachings of the Indian philosophy on the unity of soul that connects all sentient beings.

Then I discovered the music of the plants that appeared to me as an ideal way to make even more obvious the tremendous link that we all have with the living. By using the music of the plants during asana and meditation sessions, I have seen how the vibration that is transmitted is a source of harmonization and accuracy. That's why today I propose workshops, conferences and classes in which the music of the plants is a central element.


What is the music of plants?

The music of plants uses a technology that makes it possible to translate the electrical activity of a plant into sounds via a box connected to the roots and leaves of the plant as you see on this video. The variations of this activity are translated into musical notes through a synthesizer.

This technology, which makes the sensitive activity of the plant audible, allows us to hear its vibratory structure. Part of this structure is related to its species, another is related to the vibrations that the plant receives from people present. The communication that is established in this way is rich in emotions and teachings.

How are the workshops?

The workshops where the music of plants is present are part of the hatha yoga workshops. They therefore include the entire exercise program to deepen your yoga practice.

They also make it possible to put the body and the mind in listening and opening conditions. The music of plants comes particularly to support the sequences of meditation and relaxation by awakening our consciousness to our relationship to the living.


Hindustani Kahyal Singing

As part of the hatha yoga workshops, the meditation times are accompanied by Nathalie Bentolila with khayal Hindustani singing.


This traditional Indian music based on ragas is an improvised music rooted in the Vedic culture of India. The word "raga" means "color" or "passion" in Sanskrit. Since the ragas reflect the "colors" of the spirit or the states of the soul.

They were established thousands of years ago to nourish the body, soul and spirit. This music will take you to the heart of a very deep meditation.