Yoga Weekends

at the splendid Domaine de Bel Air

in Dourdan (one hour from Paris)


from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon

June 6, 7 and 8, 2021

July 16, 17 and 18, 2021

August 6, 7 and 8, and August 20, 21 and 22, 2021

September 3, 4 and 5, and September 17, 18 and 19, 2021



15:00 Welcome, site visit and installation

17:00 Traditional hatha yoga session

20:00 Dinner


07:30 Fruit snack, cold or hot drink

07:45 Meditation / Pranayama

09:00 Hatha yoga session.

11:00 Brunch

12:00 Free time / intuitive massages with essential oils optional.

15:30 Thematic workshops

16:30 Hatha yoga session

19:00 Dinner

20:00 Silent walk in the forest if conditions allow


07:30 Fruit snack, cold or hot drink

07:45 Meditation / Pranayama

09:00 Hatha yoga session

11:00 Brunch

14:00 Soft yoga session

End of retreat



from February 19 to March 6, 2021: €1600

This program is certified YACEP by Yoga Alliance.

It qualifies as Continuing Education Hours for Registered Yoga Teachers at Yoga Alliance.

Since March 2020 the COVID-19 situation has generated uncertainty as to the possibility of obtaining visas and going to India. Also, we offer free pre-registration for these trips. Your pre-registration guarantees that your place is reserved until the final online payment terms will be available.

On our side, as soon as we are able to ensure these trips with all the security conditions required from an administrative and health point of view, we will send you the link which will allow you to confirm your registration and pay for your trip. Depending on the circumstances we may not be able to offer you installment payment as we usually do and we apologize for this.

We invite you to a journey to the heart of yoga and ayurveda, but much more, to a meeting with yourself. For a fortnight, in a place we know well in the hills of North Kerala, you will live the experience of a deep well-being.

A special moment in your life, where the ancient medical science of Ayurveda and a daily practice of yoga and meditation will take you on the path of profound transformation.

Ayurveda, yoga and meditation are sister Vedic sciences that have been used for thousands of years to heal the body, the mind and to regain self-awareness. In general, Ayurveda takes care of the physical dimension of the human being, yoga strengthens the body as well as the spirit. Meditation soothes the mind, clarifies and structures self-knowledge. These practices complement each other to form only one, aiming at the total and harmonious unity of the person who practices them regularly.

In the respect of the physiological effects induced by the Ayurvedic cure that you will be following, the morning will be dedicated to a session of an hour and a half where pranayama, asanas and meditation will be linked. In this hour and a half, we will discuss exercises and advanced postures according to the rhythm and the feeling of each one. In the evening, we will meet for a one and a quarter hour session with a commented reading of the Bhagavad-Gita, around topics that are at the heart of your life path, followed by guided meditation.

In the afternoon, I will be available if you want to work on this or that point of your yogic practice, to approach new practices or to deepen your knowledge of the philosophy of yoga.

The heat at this time of the year and the necessary rest periods during the cure invite to moderate the amplitude of the activities. For these reasons, two days of rest with a light program are planned in the middle and end of stay (the cure continue those days).


Traveling in India is always a special experience, like a little white pebble on the traveler's road. These two weeks bathed in the spirit, way of life and culture of South India, are a perfect opportunity to anchor in your life a spiritual practice. I am sure that this journey will bring you the changes that will come to you.

The price includes:

  • the Ayurvedic cure Pancharkarma 14 days (see details in the section "Ayurvedic cure")

  • accommodation in double bungalows with shower, toilet and washbasin

  • full board: vegetarian, organic, home cooking and adapted to your constitution

  • daily consultation with the doctor

  • all ayurvedic remedies during the cure

  • 14 morning yoga sessions of 1h30: pranayama, asanas and meditation

  • 12 individual or small group yoga coaching sessions of 1/2h

  • 14 afternoon yoga session of 1h15pranayama, asanas and meditation

  • 12 night sessions of 1h of meditation guided and accompanied by hindustani singing 

  • 4 lectures about indian philosophy

  • transfer from Kochi Airport, as well as to Kochi Airport if you leave immediately after the cure.


The price does not include:

  • your trip to Kochi

  • your extras

  • your possible trips on site

  • your ayurvedic remedies after the cure


Our center is located north of Kerala, in a tropical garden. Here, you will be immersed in the Ayurvedic tradition, accompanied by a family of doctors who have passed on the knowledge of Ayurveda for many generations.

You will be accommodated in comfortable bungalows in a double room.


Each bungalow has a bathroom: shower, toilet and sink in the room, hot water, doors and windows with mosquito nets.


If you register alone, you will share your room with a person of the same sex.

The Ayurvedic Cure

The Panchakarma cure is the centerpiece of Ayurveda: a process of detoxification, purification and regeneration acting deeply.


Your first consultation will begin with an Ayurvedic assessment: the doctor will analyze the information provided in the health questionnaire taking into account your medical history. The assessment will be based on observation, touch and interrogation: examination of the pulse, tongue, eyes (iris), skin and nails. It will determine your natal constitution (the original combination of your 3 doshas: Vatta (air), Pitta (fire) and Kapha (water and earth) and your state of imbalance.


At the end of this assessment, the Ayurvedic doctor will determine a personalized therapeutic program to correct the imbalances:


2 treatments / care per day (see more if necessary) including synchronized massage of the body with 4 hands (2 therapists).

A daily consultation with the doctor who will be able to adapt your therapeutic program according to your needs (10 to 15 minutes)

Remedies in the form of tablets / organic medicinal plants will be prescribed and given during the duration of your treatment to optimize the results.

PANCHAKARMA main care that your doctor will prescribe according to your needs and your dosha:


  • Shirodhara: consists of the continuous flow of a net of oil or warm milk on the forehead. Very subtle, excellent for peace of mind, quality of sleep. Relaxes the whole nervous system deeply and releases tension.

  • Synchronized massage (4 hands -2 therapists) of the whole body.

  • Padabhyanga (Ayurvedic Massages-Foot Reflexology)

  • Svedana (steam baths with medicinal herbs) or Mukabhyanga

  • (Massages and Facials: mask and Nourishing / Moisturizing Cream).

  • Vasthy: Irrigation of the colon: eliminates all the toxins through the digestive tract, it is purifying and nourishing (plant decoction oils), eliminates an impressive number of disorders and diseases.

  • Nasyam, Nasopharynx: Nasal inhalation of herbal oils in the sinuses with massage of the head and face. Naturally detoxifies the head and nasopharynx. Brighten the brain and thoughts

  • Podikkizhy: thermotherapy with beneficial medicinal herbs: relieves deep tensions, releases accumulated toxins, increases circulation, strengthens muscle tissue.

At the time of your departure, to maintain the health that you have reached, a final assessment will be made with the doctor. He will advise you on lifestyle modifications: the exercises and types of sports that are best suited to you, food and eating habits. A complete and notified individual analysis will be given to take home.


All Ayurvedic remedies used, nutritional supplements and vegetable oils are 100% ORGANIC.


The consultations take place in English.


During an ayurvedic cure, the body regenerates: do not force. For this reason, our hatha yoga practices will be very respectful of everyone's body condition.


MORNING: 1h30 Hatha Yoga class

AFTERNOON: 1/2 h of personalized or small group coaching + 1h15 Hatha Yoga class


A typical course will include breathing exercises (pranayama) and will be performed at a slow pace, in order to deeply feel the effects of each posture. After a series of greetings to the sun, the following twelve basic postures will form the backbone of the session:

  • head stand

  • shoulder stand

  • plow pose

  • fish pose

  • seated forward bend

  • cobra pose

  • locust

  • bow pose

  • half spinal twist

  • craw pose

  • forward bend

  • triangle

Depending on the level of participants and the state of each day to day, we can address advanced postures.

THE EVENING: we will meet again in the evening for 1 hour 30 for a lecture about the philosophy of yoga followed by meditation guided and accompanied by hindustani singing.

The major questions that will go through these two weeks of teaching will touch the need for action, the power of thought about our destiny, the law of karma, free will, the nature of our being or the search of harmony.

For any registration, contact us directly on Signal

+33 6 52 31 06 71

Your teachers

Nathalie Bentolila nidra yoga and meditation teacher, singer (classical Indian singing - kayak)

Laurent Sindres, raja and hatha yoga teacher