Sadhana - साधन

until July 3,2021

This program is certified YACEP by Yoga Alliance.

It qualifies as Continuing Education Hours for Registered Yoga Teachers at Yoga Alliance.

Who is this program for?

The program will therefore be particularly suitable for those who:

  • already adept at yoga have the impression of stagnating in their practice

  • wish to follow the Teacher Training Course and who want to prepare

  • teach yoga and want to deepen their own practice 

  • want to find a balance in their life

What will you learn?

The program of courses and workshops focuses on the eight pillars of yoga, as defined in the Patanjali's yogasûtras.


  • asanas (postures): they will constitute the framework of learning and the entry to the other pillars constituting hatha yoga. The postures will be studied from the point of view of their implication on the physical, energetic and psychic planes. You will be encouraged and guided with method in your desire to go as far as possible in the practice of asanas.
    The goal is to get you to achieve what seems difficult or impossible.

  • prânayama (the mastery of prâna): the control of prâna, that is vital energy and its manifestations in the body, is an essential point of asana practice and is the subject of special techniques (breathing exercises) that will be an integral part of each course and each workshop.
    At the end of these ten months you will have acquired prânayama techniques that will allow you to relax and reload at will.


  • yamas (the restrictions): yoga is as much a discipline as a way of life which tends to make of the one who practices it an individual fully conscious of its actions and their consequences.
    You will learn the principles underlying the laws of karma that preside over this chain of causes and effects and their practical implication in your life.

  • niyamas (the observances): with the yamas, the niyamas form the base of the moral conduct of yogin and yogini. The niyamas also identify a set of purification practices (kryas) that participate in the preparation of the physical body for the practice of yoga.
    You will be introduced to these purification techniques that you can practice at home.


  • pratyahara (the withdrawal of the senses): the control of the spirit passes through this experience of dissociation where the yogin is placed in observer of his sensations and trains himself to no longer be subjected to external conditions (the hot / the cold, the nice / the unpleasant ...).
    You will learn to develop in you this faculty.

  • dharana (concentration): Yogic philosophy gives thought the power to transform reality and promotes concentration as a means to control and direct one's thoughts.
    You will learn techniques to increase your ability to concentrate.


  • dhyana (meditation): All previous practices are designed and nested to lead to meditation. Here meditation is not a related or optional discipline, it is both the goal and the guiding thread of all practices.
    You will be brought to develop your faculties to enter the meditative state through the regular practice of guided meditations.


  • samadhi (awakening): Awakening can not be taught as such. It is the result of the personal path taken by one who devotes himself to yoga. However, one must always have in mind this ultimate goal to understand the scope and power of hatha yoga.


It is therefore a complete learning that considers hatha yoga as a whole. Each of these pillars is inseparable from others. It is by integrating this close interweaving of the different techniques and prescriptions that compose hatha yoga that we join raja yoga or royal yoga, i.e. the yoga of the control of the mind.

Two ways to follow your sadhana:

1. face-to-face and online

2. online only

1. the face-to-face and online program includes

  • 1 collective class Weekly on Wednesday or Friday at 6.30 pm at Studio Cambronne, 71 rue Fondary, Paris 15ème

  • 1 workshop Monthly from 10 am to 5 pm, one Sunday per month at Espace Coriandre in Montreuil.

  • 1 individual class Monthly in Boulogne-Billancourt, 130 rue du Point du Jour.

  • 1 lecture about Yoga philosophy every fortnight. Online, every other Saturday.

  • Free access to online courses 

  • Individual coaching

2.  the online only program includes

  • 2 one hour individual classes Monthly to work on specific points to each. Classes take place via Zoom.

  • 1 lecture about Yoga philosophy every fortnight. Online, every other Saturday.

  • Free access to online courses 

  • Individual coaching

Sunday workshops

The morning (10 am-1pm) is mainly devoted to learning asana. We go into detail about the anatomical and biomechanical principles that construct the posture from a physical point of view. Once the physical architecture is in place, we explore the different levels of more subtle experiences of an asana.


The afternoon (2 p.m. - 5 p.m.) is devoted to the in-depth practice of pranayama, concentration and meditation. The asana sequences aim to prepare the physical body, but also to organize the energetic body.

From this energy anchor we practice advanced pranayama exercises which lead us to dharana (concentration) and dhyana (meditation)

Bibliography studied during the lecture sessions

In addition to the oral tradition received from my masters, my teaching is based on the founding texts of Raja and Hatha Yoga. Here are, in chronological order, the texts that we will study, and whose reading is strongly recommended during this sadhana:

  • Yoga Sutras - Patanjali (4th century CE)

  • Goraksha Shataka (13th century CE)

  • Shiva Samhita (14th century CE)

  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika (15th century CE)

  • Siddha Siddhanta Paddhati (18th century CE)

  • Gheranda Samhita (18th century CE)

How to register?

The number of students is limited.

To register send a mail to or call +33 6 52 31 06 71. I will contact you to meet us and talk together about your experience and your expectations.

Prices and terms

1.  face-to-face and online:

Payment for registration to the Sadhana program is in the form of a monthly subscription taken from the date of your registration.

The amount of the monthly withdrawal is 220 euros and covers all of the individual courses, workshops and coaching described in the program:

  • 4 collective classes on average per month. Value: 88 euros

  • 1 monthly workshop of 7 hours. Value: 70 euros

  • 1 private lesson per month. Value: 60 euros

  • lecture sessions per month. Value: 40 euros

  • free access to online courses. Value: 80 euros

  • individual coaching. Value: 60 euros

Your subscription of 220 euros  gives you access to a program with a total monthly value of 398 euros.

2.  online only:

The payment of registration to the Sadhana program is made in the form of a monthly subscription withdrawn from the date of your registration.

The amount of the monthly levy is 100 euros and covers all the courses, workshops and personalized coaching described in the program:

  • 2 private lessons per month. Value: 88 euros

  • 2 reading and study sessions per month. Value: 40 euros

  • free access to online courses. Value: 80 euros

  • 1 personalized support. Value 60 euros


Your subscription of 100 euros therefore gives you access to a program with a total monthly value of 268 euros.