Teacher Training Course

5 weeks in India

from August, 5 to September, 9, 2021

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This 200-hour program is specially designed to give you the knowledge and the tools that will allow you to deepen your knowledge of hatha yoga in all its aspects, theoretical and practical, and to develop your educational project.


Indeed, the diploma course we offer is aimed at those who intend to teach.


Yoga is a philosophy that commits the adept to embody its values ​​and principles. The transmission of hatha yoga, as a way of consciousness awakening through the body, requires to teach it from his own experience. This is why it is necessary to attend this yoga teacher training while being already engaged in a personal practice.


If you want to speak with us about your project and your aspirations, please call us at +33 652310671 or leave us a message and we will contact you.


We advise you to take advantage of the time that separates you from the start of the TTC, to prepare yourself by following, for example, the Sadhana program or a personalized program that we will establish with you.

The class consists of 14 students supervised by two yoga teachers registered in Yoga Alliance.

The limited number of students allows everyone to benefit from personalized support and advice on their practice, project and pedagogy.

The program will take place in two ways:

  • Face-to-face during the 5 weeks in India.

  • Partly in distance for theoretical matters (philosophy, history, anatomy, ethics).

Your teachers : Laurent Sindrès and Nathalie Bentolila.

Read their biographies on the page "Teachers"

Content of the training program

Asanas, kryas, pranayama

Energetical Anatomy

Yoga Humanities

Singing, Mantras

Adaptations to mobility problems

Yogic Lifestyle


Principles of demonstration and correction


Physical Anatomy


Practical Pedagogy

Course of a day


Pranayama, asanas, meditation




Yoga Humanities








Pranayama, Asanas




Chants, mantras, meditation

Registration conditions

The Teacher Training Course mainly concerns people who, already have a regular practice of hatha yoga (kryas, asanas, pranayama, meditation), and intend for teaching as professionals.

For this reason, candidates must have followed at least one trimester of Sadhana under the direction of Laurent Sindrès and / or justify regular practice, at the start of training.

After receiving your application, we schedule an interview with you to know more about your yoga experience, your practice and your expectations.